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Cards are 140mm x 187mm. Matching envelopes are included. Each card is individually wrapped. 

There is no printed message inside these cards, so they're usable for any occasion.  

A 10% DISCOUNT applies to all orders of 5 cards or more. 

FREE POSTAGE within Australia.



These cards are slightly larger than the Australian Post Office Preferred size, so postage will cost more than the standard rate. However, the 10% discount mentioned above will almost eliminate that pain.






Prints are 382mm x 487mm. The printed area varies according to the proportion of the image, but image area is as big as will fit onto this sheet size. A unique guide diagram for matt and framing proportions is included with each print.

Art Prints are delivered in large diameter MAILING TUBES. The prints are therefore only loosely rolled to minimise curling. Also, the tube walls are extra-thick for increased protection. 

FREE POSTAGE within Australia.  




The imagery on all our cards and prints is shot here in The Blue Mountains.

PRINT QUALITY is outstanding - colours are rich and vivid, blacks are dense and velvety. We print on beautiful eggshell-coloured acid-free cotton rag art paper using gallery-quality non-fade inks.



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